Workshop Series: e[xploring] Learning Design

APeL is dedicated to the diversification of instructional horizons at William & Mary. We partner with faculty members across the university to develop their skills and awareness in the sphere of eLearning. Workshops stimulate exploration and engagement by connecting broader instructional and pedagogical concepts with practical examples from peers. Faculty who complete the series and participate in an end of year symposium receive an eLearning certificate.

Schedule for 2017-2018

All events will take place in Swem Library's Ford Classroom on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm on the dates listed below. Lunch will be provided for faculty members who reserve a seat, so please check the calendar and RSVP at

eLearning Concepts 

These workshops introduce key instructional frameworks and offer practical examples.

Course Design

These workshops focus on syllabus and assignment design and aligning course design and objectives.

Assessment & Feedback

These workshops present new developments in assessment and feedback by showcasing current examples that faculty members are using at William & Mary.

Instructional Strategies

These workshops highlight emerging teaching methods and ideas, and offer examples from faculty members implementing these ideas.

eLearning certificate

This certificate will be awarded in recognition of your exploration of learning design.

  • Attend at least one workshop (or view online) from each of the categories above
  • Participate in the end-of-year teaching and learning symposium