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Jacob Miller '18 earns Beales Scholarship

Jacob Miller, 18, a recent graduate of Fuqua School in Farmville has been awarded the Harriett Pittard Beales Scholarship at William & Mary for academic year 2014–15.

Study reveals strong links between Antarctic climate, food web

A long-term study of the links between climate and marine life along the rapidly warming West Antarctic Peninsula reveals how changes in physical factors such as wind speed and sea-ice cover send ripples up the food chain, with impacts on everything from single-celled algae to penguins.

Search for a smoking lunchbox turns up the 'Bray School cafeteria'

For the past three summers, archaeologists have dug up the grounds of a William & Mary dorm in search of the "smoking lunchbox"—the archaeologists' term for a material-culture connection between the 18th-century Bray School and a building still in use on the William & Mary campus.