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Century-old botany records may hold key to monarch butterfly survival

Jack Boyle has been using the web to mine millions of century-old botany records to track abundance patterns of milkweed in America. His hope is to solve the puzzle of how innovations in agriculture have affected the natural habitat for monarch butterflies.

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Buddy: The worm that launched a million ‘icks’

Buddy, the worm, died in December, 2012, shortly after Jon Allen peered into his bathroom mirror and fished the nematode out of his cheek. The worm may be no more, but Buddy, the legend, lives on in social media.

2017 President’s Report now live

William & Mary’s 2017 President’s Report is now available online, offering all members and friends of the university a review of the last calendar year at the Alma Mater of the Nation.

Educating the leaders of tomorrow

Stuart Flanagan, professor emeritus, believes education can improve both individual lives and society at large.

Miller Hall wing named for MBA graduate

The graduate wing of Alan B. Miller Hall is now officially the Edward T. Tokar Graduate Wing.

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Firsts and lasts: A year to remember at Yule Log

With the smell of hot apple cider in the air and the warmth of wood-burning cressets all around, crowds of William & Mary students, alumni and faculty packed into the Wren Courtyard for the annual Yule Log ceremony.

Sharing the light: 2017 For the Bold highlights

It has been a remarkable fundraising year for William & Mary. The university continues its strong trek forward with two and a half years remaining until For the Bold concludes.