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Law students collect 4,114 food items to help local community

Students at William & Mary Law School set aside their studies for a little while Nov. 21, to participate in the 14th annual Thanksgiving Basket Competition sponsored by the Black Law Students Association.

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One Tribe, one family — and now, one visual identity

After several years of research, design work and community feedback, William & Mary has unveiled new visual identity guidelines meant to bring consistency to the use of logos and graphics across the university.

Sonic Nets: a safe, humane way to shoo hungry birds

Hinders, professor of applied science, and John Swaddle, professor of biology, are the core members of the Sonic Nets collaboration at William & Mary. The idea is to produce an effective, non-lethal bird deterrent, a solution to an age-old problem that is affordable, polite and does not rely on a steady supply of irritable dachshunds.