Dress the Griffin FAQ

Is there any way to see Dress the Griffin if I don't have an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device?

Yes. The W&M Flickr site offers a photo gallery of the Griffin dressed in some of the outfits included in the Dress the Griffin app.

Who created the Dress the Griffin app?

The app was developed by W&M Creative Services. All elements of the app were created by members of the Creative Services team including illustrations, code for iOS and Android, design, concept and graphics.

Is the Dress the Griffin app available for the Blackberry?

We decided not to program the Dress the Griffin app for the Blackberry because many of the Blackberry devices do not have touch screens. We keep a careful eye on the traffic to the W&M mobile web (http://m.wm.edu) and have noted that more than 85% of our mobile web traffic comes from iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.

I'm also interested in the my1693 app. How can I get it?

The development of the my1693 app was sponsored by the William & Mary Alumni Association. This app for iPhone and iPod Touch makes it easy for alumni to stay in touch. You must be a member of the my1693 community in order to login. All graduates of W&M are eligible. See http://www.wmalumni.com/general/login.asp

Who do I contact if I have a question about the Dress the Griffin app or notice a problem?

Please contact W&M Creative Services at creative@wm.edu.