Liberal Arts @ Work

What can you do with a liberal arts education? Anything you want.

Don't take our word for it. Hear directly from William & Mary alums how their liberal arts education comes to life in their careers.

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Raelene Wagoner

Raelene Wagoner '87

A liberal arts education prepares you for what you don’t know you will be several years from now. More...

Brandon Nichols

Brandon Nichols '09

I feel confident that I could pursue a career in government, public health, economics or just about any other field. More...

Christopher Marquez

Christopher Marquez '94

My liberal arts education helped foster my desire to understand new topics. More...

Cosmo Fujiyama

Cosmo Fujiyama '07

I didn't have to get anyone's permission to change the world. More...

Tabitha Patterson

Tabitha Patterson '00

My liberal arts education has given me a broad knowledge base from which to draw. More...

Roshan Patel

Roshan Patel '08

My liberal arts education exposed me to the idea that what I enjoyed learning could apply to what I chose to do as a career. More...

Allison Anoll

Allison Anoll '09

William & Mary helped me discover what I cared about. More...

Alyssa Oles

Alyssa Oles '06

Because of my liberal arts education, I secured a job prior to graduation. More...

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Mccluskey Miller '04

A well-rounded liberal arts education allows students to explore several different professional options within a specific interest area.

Peter Baxter

Peter Baxter '05

My liberal arts education has prompted me to become an educator myself. More...

Laurel Miner

Laurel Miner '05

You will be hard pressed to know how to integrate a diverse set of perspectives and information without a liberal arts curriculum. More...

Ashley Glacel

Ashley Glacel '02

The purpose of college is to teach you how to think, not to develop a trade skill. More...

Kate McManamon

Kate Pierce-McManamon '05

A liberal arts education has enabled me to explore a vast spectrum of careers.

Van Smith

Van Smith '03

William & Mary gave me confidence that pushed me to trust my instincts, have the guts to start my own venture, be an entrepreneur and make a real difference. More...

Doug Bunch

Doug Bunch '02

William & Mary cultivates deep concern for the lives of others, which I've integrated into my life as an attorney.