William & Mary

Class of 1977

35th Reunion

Homecoming 2012 will be here before we know it.

The Reunion Gift Program  is designed  primarily to increase annual giving to the College and to promote awareness of the importance of annual support.

Come back to campus and celebrate with your classmates. You're in for a great time with everything the College has planned for you.

Fun Facts   Fun Facts about the Class of 1977
Colonial Echo   The Colonial Echo from 1977


{{thermometer:1:right:1433884:1277000:Reunion Gift Goal: }}Reunion Class Gift

  • Reunion Class Gift Goal: $977,000-- Goal Reached!
  • Reunion Class Gift Stretch Goal: $1,277,000 --Goal Reached!
  • Reunion Class Gift to Date: $1,433,884.08
  • Class Gift Participation Goal: 40 percent
  • Class Gift Participation to Date: 34 percent


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Reunion Class Gift Committee


Glenn Crafford
Karen Yanity Darch
Paula Stassi Ott



Kathy Durdin Michele Dupriest Patton Jeanmarie Brock Tade
Peter Garland Clorisa Phillips Debbie Rennolds Taggart
Jeff Leppo Carolyn Testa Rye Andy Vanderhoof
Chip Mann David Scott Sherry Poskanzer Wainger
Laurie Bond Mitchell Maggie Rollins Stanton Terese Zeccardi
Linda Bruce Palmer


 Updated 8/3/12