End of Year Giving

Important information about calendar-year giving for 2013

Donors interested in making year-end contributions to support the College of William & Mary may do so by making a gift now.

University Development staff will accept gifts in the Discovery I building at 5300 Discovery Park Blvd. in New Town during the holiday break from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on the following days:

  • Monday, Dec. 23
  • Thursday, Dec. 26
  • Friday, Dec. 27
  • Monday, Dec. 30
  • Tuesday, Dec. 31

Checks: Checks delivered to Discovery I on those days will count toward calendar year 2013. For calendar year tax deductions, please be sure your check is dated on or before Dec. 31 and your envelope is postmarked by Dec. 31.

Credit Cards:
Mailed credit card gifts must be received and processed by Gift Accounting by Dec. 31. In accordance with IRS regulations, postmarks of Dec. 31 for mailed credit card gifts cannot be honored for calendar year tax deductible gifts after Dec. 31.

Stocks: A stock gift must arrive in one of our Morgan Stanley accounts by Dec. 31 to be counted for calendar year 2013.

You can give online now up until midnight, Dec. 31. For more information, please call (757) 221-1001.

Please send all checks and credit card gifts to:

The College of William & Mary
P. O. Box 1693
Williamsburg, VA 23187-1693


Stock gift information:
Broker: Morgan Stanley
Contact at Morgan Stanley: Becky McKinley (800) 582-2201
DTC Number: 0015


Please select the account number and name from the list below for different areas of the College.

Account Name: College of William and Mary
Account Number: 938-106472-021


Account Name: The College of William & Mary Foundation
Account Number: 938-105913-021


Account Name: The Athletic Educational Foundation
Account Number: 938-106518-021


Account Name: The Law School Foundation
Account Number: 938-107639-021


Account Name: Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Foundation
Account Number: 938-105138-021


Account Name: Rita Welsh Adult Literacy Fund
Account Number: 938-105455-021


For the Mason School of Business:

Broker: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Contact: Brian Harrison (410) 736-5320
DTC Number: 0015
Account Name: William and Mary Business School Foundation
Account Number: 633-113995-190


Note: Stock transfers do not include the donor's name. Please contact Gift Accounting at (757) 221-1008 or nllewis@wm.edu to provide the name(s) of your stock(s), the number of shares and the designation of your gift.