Support for Graduate Studies Advisory Board Internship

To support the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in A&S and the mission of the Graduate Studies Advisory Board.

Schedule:  Starting in September 2017; flexible schedule for 10 hours/week

Location:  Stetson House, Jamestown Road

Open to undergraduate students and graduate students



*Meeting prep for October and March on-campus Board meetings

*Assist with logistics for Board administration

*Project management – general admin support for Dean’s and Board-sponsored initiatives


*Compose news updates and informational email bulletins to Board members between Board meetings

*Type minutes and prepare for editing by Dean (optional)


*Liaison to Board committee chairs to follow-up on committee goals.  May include on-line research, telephone, data aggregation, and campus staff collaborations

Fundraising Liaison

            Assist with OTOD and with Tag Day to raise awareness on campus of private support

 The missions of the Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies Advisory Board, established in 2004, are:

 *Development/fundraising to increase graduate Arts & Sciences financial resources.

*Assisting in the building of a graduate Arts & Sciences community.

*Enhancing professional development opportunities for graduate students.

*Advocating for graduate Arts & Sciences within the W&M community.

 Arts & Sciences graduate programs are critical to the mission of the College of William & Mary and to the College's status as a research university. Graduate programs strengthen the undergraduate program by providing research and mentoring opportunities, and are essential in retaining approximately a third of the College's faculty members in Arts & Sciences.

 The Graduate Studies Advisory Board plays a vital role in advancing William & Mary's graduate programs in Arts & Sciences.

  The Board meets twice annually, in the fall and spring. Meetings coincide with Homecoming in October and the Graduate Research Symposium in March. Additional committee meetings are occasionally coordinated by teleconference.

Members make a meaningful annual financial commitment in support of Graduate Studies Advisory Board goals.