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Impact Stories

School of Education Fund for Excellence

When Jessica Lloyd-Hazlett M.Ed. ’11, Ph.D. ’14 arrived at William & Mary’s School of Education to work on her master’s degree, she was uncertain about her career choice.

Michael Luchs
Mason School Annual Fund

Students are learning to think beyond the usual boundaries, thanks to a new course, “Sustainability Inspired Innovation and Design,” taught by William & Mary associate professor Michael G. Luchs of the Mason School of Business.

Lindsay Buckheit
Tribe Club

The following excerpt is from a letter written by Lindsey Buckheit ’15 in December 2013 to the donor in Dallas, Texas, who stewards the Emil O. Johnson Scholarship for a female scholar-athlete, which Buckheit received this year.

Tribe Club

A lot of what goes on to make athletes successful takes place off the field. Enter Jason Simms.

Tribe Club

Not long after Will Smith ’14 visited campus as a prospective student, he knew he belonged.

The Fund for William & Mary

Bruce Oliver ’68 had a conversation five years ago with a William & Mary student that he has never forgotten.

The Fund for William & Mary

When Karen Kennedy and Gene Schultz arrived at William & Mary fresh out of high school in 1971, little did they know they would find love — and lifelong connections — on day one of Freshman Orientation.

Emily Wilson
The Fund for William & Mary

Upon admission to William & Mary, Emily Wilson '13 was awarded a Gateway Scholarship, which has covered all of her costs. The scholarship provided gave her access to William & Mary. Annual gifts, such as those to the Fund for William & Mary, have helped provide exceptional experiences that characterize and enrich the learning experiences she has encountered here.

The Fund for William & Mary

Emma Merrill '13 concedes that her major, government, and minor, dance, don't seem like areas of study that complement each other. But at William & Mary, pursuing diverse interests isn't only a possibility, it's encouraged.

Deutsch_Eilbott Small
Parents Fund

Like most parents, Sarah Deutsch and Eli Eilbott of Arlington, Va., were excited but also a little anxious about their children’s adjustment to college, both academically and socially. But those concerns were erased as they watched, first, their daughter Rachel ’13, then their son, Aaron ’16, thrive at William & Mary.

Jamar Jones
Arts & Sciences Annual Fund

Annual gifts to Arts and Sciences can make a major impact on students like Jamar Jones '13, a theatre and sociology major at William & Mary.

Law School Annual Fund

Catherine Wilmarth '09, J.D. '12 graduated from William & Mary Law School in May with diverse knowledge of legal issues in the United States and abroad, thanks to summer positions in Argentina and Ecuador.

Mason School Annual Fund

When Allison Pearman '12 took the campus tour at William & Mary, "something clicked." It is hard to put into words the connection Allison had with the College from the start, but put simply it was the professors and the students.

Mason School Annual Fund

Grace Fernandez ’15 connects the dots between business and community engagement, a skill she is cultivating through her experiences with the Mason School of Business.

Muscarelle Museum Impact Fund

Sofia Chabolla’s ‘14 William & Mary story is one of chance. After freshman year when Sofia, an art history and English double major, spent part of her summer studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Throughout the previous academic year, she had worked as an intern at the College’s Muscarelle Museum of Art.

Azmeh Amer M.Ed. ’14
School of Education Fund for Excellence

Azmeh Amer M.Ed. '14 hopes to work as a school counselor in the United States to gain experience before eventually returning to Pakistan. Wherever her career leads, Azmeh is confident the School of Education is providing her with the tools she needs to be successful.

Swem Make a Difference Fund

Earl Gregg Swem Library provides access to a number of various resources, including books, manuscripts, journals, and videos. But these resources tell only part of the story. For Karthik Ilakkuvan '13, the library's Media Center, group study rooms and other amenities have been key to his success at William & Mary.

Zachary Woodward '14
Swem Make a Difference Fund

As a William & Mary student, Zachary Woodward '14 has found that his classes inspire him to think critically, ask questions and seek answers, and he’s learned that the College’s Swem Library gives him the resources he needs to explore and discover.

Pippin L. Saunders ’16
Tribe Club

Pippin L. Saunders ’16 has come — literally — across the globe to play college sports at William & Mary. Word of mouth and a scholarship provided by generous donors to the Tribe Club brought Pippin to Williamsburg and the 20 year old’s performance on the field hockey team has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Mallory_C_Schaffer _13 _small
Tribe Club

When Mallory C. Schaffer ’13 stepped foot on the William & Mary campus as a high school student from suburban Pittsburgh, she encountered the spirit and support that are defining characteristics of Tribe Pride.