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Catherine Wilmarth '09, J.D. '12 graduated from William & Mary Law School in May with diverse knowledge of legal issues in the United States and abroad, thanks to summer positions in Argentina and Ecuador.

With the help of William & Mary Law Professor Christie Warren, Catherine was able to secure a position at the Center for Human Rights and the Environment in Cordoba, Argentina, where she worked on environmental justice issues. The next summer, Catherine traveled to Quito, Ecuador, where she worked with the Strengthening Ecuadorian Justice Project to help broaden the public's access to justice and the knowledge of their rights in the criminal justice system.

Catherine Wilmarth

"I have a great interest in social justice and civil rights issues," Catherine said. "Both of those experiences really helped me gain more experience in the field and learn more about what our rights really are and how we should defend them."

Catherine, a double alumna of William & Mary, also holds a bachelor's degree in international relations. She hopes to use her law degree for government policy work relating to environmental issues and the civil and human rights issues that are tied to environmental quality. She also hopes to work with non-governmental organizations or in other projects that have "more of a social value."

"I think that William & Mary makes a big effort to be on the cutting edge of issues," she said. But also worth mentioning is the support system that William & Mary creates. As the world continues to change, you know that William & Mary will be there for you."

Catherine said the College invests a great deal in its students to ensure they have the tools to be successful. She said her experiences underscore the importance of alumni support.

"It was alumni funding that helped me go abroad both summers," she said. "These types of scholarships and summer funding are also examples of why it's really important to support William & Mary financially so it can continue to offer opportunities to students."

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