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Beyond textbooks

Azmeh Amer M.Ed. ’14 plans to return one day to her native Pakistan to advance and implement the concept of school counseling. She’s preparing by earning a master’s in school counseling from William & Mary’s School of Education.

Azmeh Amer M.Ed. ’14

“In Pakistan, all education is private, and it is very focused on academics,” Azmeh said. “The students need someone who is going to help them emotionally and teach them healthy ways to cope with different situations.”

Despite the geographic and cultural distance between Williamsburg and her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan, Azmeh said she values the camaraderie of her classmates and the School of Education faculty. William & Mary’s impressive rankings and welcoming faculty and student body drew her to the university.

“I am a two-day flight away from my ‘real’ home, and I still have a network of people who care about me and are willing to partake in my joy and sorrow, in my achievements and in my failures,” she said. “It’s been great getting to know such intelligent individuals whose passion for counseling helps us bond despite all of our differences.”

Azmeh earned a bachelor’s in psychology from Columbia College in South Carolina. She says her experience at William & Mary has surpassed her expectations.  The faculty, she said, is composed of experts in the field who also are engaged in the classroom.

“We get to learn about some of the challenges and rewards that are facing us from people who know what they’re talking about,” she said, noting that Dr. Shannon Trice-Black ’93 in the School Psychology and Counselor Education program has been particularly influential.

Azmeh hopes to work as a school counselor in the United States to gain experience before eventually returning to Pakistan. Wherever her career leads, Azmeh is confident the School of Education is providing her with the tools she needs to be successful. Private support for the School of Education Fund for Excellence helps provide exceptional experiences for future educators like Azmeh who possess the potential to make a difference locally and worldwide. They are helping William & Mary realize its commitment to global engagement.

“What I’m learning here is beyond textbooks,” she said. “I’m learning how to think critically about situations that I may face in the future.”