Exemptions - Pre-Fall 2015

These exemptions are valid only through the Spring 2015 semester. 
1. Advanced Placement Exam Score Course and Credit Granted Course Exemption (No Credit Granted)
English Composition and Literature 4 or 5 English 210 (3)

Writing 101

English Language and Composition 4 or 5 Writing 101  
2. International Baccalaureate Higher Level Exam Score Course and Credit Granted Course Exemptions (No Credit Granted)
English 6 or 7 English 210 (3)

Writing 101

English 5 Writing101  
3. Transfer Credit

Evaluations of credits earned from other institutions are made after a student has been selected for admission and has indicated an intention to enroll. Students may not assume that credit will be granted for all courses completed at their transfer institution. Transfer grades do not affect degree requirements, grade point average or class rank. While there is no limit to the number of courses which may be transferred, William and Mary requires that at least 60 semester credits, including a minimum of 15 credits in the major, be earned in residence at the College in Williamsburg.

Transfer credit will not be granted for freshman English courses of more than one semester which are devoted primarily to writing or composition.

Transfer students who have not fulfilled their Pre-Major Writing Requirement at William and Mary may submit a portfolio for evaluation [PDF] to the Writing Program Director.