What to Expect

Make the Most of Your WRC Consultation

New to the WRC?  Watch this video:
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Excelling in written and oral communication is hard work, but it can be fun and rewarding. We look forward to working with you!

Your responsibilities:
  • Plan ahead. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can after you receive the assignment. Although walk-ins are welcome, don’t count on finding an available consultant at busy times of the semester.
  • Bring the assignment you are working on or a sample of your writing. Come with any relevant materials – assignment sheets, notes, rough drafts, outline, visual aids, disks, etc.
  • Take an active role. Think over particular writing or communication problems you encounter and let the consultant know what concerns you most.
What you can expect from the WRC:
  • Individual help with your writing or oral communication questions – performance anxiety, writer’s block, research methods, organization, revision strategies, proper format, etc.
  • Assistance at any stage, from generating ideas to polishing a final product, and with any type of writing or oral communication.
  • A compatible, competent consultant.
  • Guidance in building and improving your own writing, editing, and oral communication skills.
What you cannot expect from the WRC:
  • An editing service where you sit back and relax while a consultant does the writing or organizes your presentation for you. We want to help you work independently to become your own best editor.
  • Omniscient and infallible consultants; however, what we don’t know, we’ll try to find out.
  • A perfect paper or presentation. One session is not enough time to address every problem or issue. The real goal of the consultation is to help you become a better writer, communicator, and problem-solver, a process that happens gradually.
For a Skype Consultation

If you have scheduled a Skype consultation with us, you must add the Writing Resources Center into your contacts prior to the appointment. Our username is "writingresourcescenter." Your consultant will send a document for you to complete and you may send a file of your writing assignment in response, but the consultation will not start until you contact us via Skype.

by WRC consultant Akshay Deverakonda