Lord Chamberlain Society

Lord ChamberlainNamed for the original royal sponsor of Shakespeare's acting company, the Lord Chamberlain Society supports the Festival with donations and volunteer efforts. For more than twenty-five years, the Society has contributed toward the Festival's success in many ways.

Membership is available at several giving levels:

Some Society members have chosen to designate their contributions as memorial contributions.

We invite you to join the Lord Chamberlain Society. You can contribute online now with your credit card, using our secure web server or you may mail your check to: Virginia Shakespeare Festival, PO Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA 23187. For more information, please contact Christopher Owens, Producing Artistic Director, at [[clowen]].

The Festival is also supported by its business partners and is sponsored in part by the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission, the York County Arts Commission, and Arts & Sciences at the College of William and Mary.

2015 Lord Chamberlain Society Members

The following contributions toward the 2015 performance season were received as of June 3, 2015.

The Privy Council

($10,000 - $20,000)
Sumner Rand Foundation

The Royal Court

($5,000 - $10,000)
Joe & Lyn Dellinger
Williamsburg Area Arts Commission

The Queen's Company

Lisa Butler & Steve Wright
Fredrick T. Gray
Paul & Anne Harder
Lois Saunier Hornsby
Tamara Johnson
Larry Kohmescher
Patty & Carroll Owens
Christopher Owens in memory of Dorothy Owens
Jeff & Dorothy Raskin
The Evergreen Fund

The House of Lords

Dr. James Dwyer
William Einstein
Alyse & Bryan Goetsch
Kathy & Bruce Hornsby
Junior Woman's Club
Alfred & Evelyn McKenney
Susan and Dale Oller
Dr. & Mrs. Richard & Becky Palmer in memory of Grant Olson, VSF actor
Carol B. Talbot
York Arts Commission

The Stratford Circle

Nanci Bond
Charles Eugene & Carolee Silcox Bush
Minette and Charles Cooper
Peter W. Hardin
Gregg & Caroline Hillmar
Jo Anna & John Hoppe
Ellen Jaronczyk
Phoebe & Jim Kent
Les & Debbie Kratter
Adrian and Page Luxmoore
Hank & Marilyn Mallue, Jr.
Michael & Elaine McBeth
Peter & Kerry Mellette
Virginia & Thomas Pollock
Shirley Roby
Art & Marion Seder, Jr.
Jane B. Yerkes

Friends of the Globe

($100 -$ 249)
Georgianna & John Avioli
Carol Ball
John Barry
Ann Marie Batten
Ann M. Boehm
Jim & Judith Bowers
Bob & Diane Brodel
Katherine & Monte Bryant
RoseMarie & Don Butz
The Cheese Shop & Fat Canary
Charles & Susan Clements
Conrad Collins
Susan Cox
Brian & Alice Crabtree
Dr. & Mrs. Robert T. Davis
Jane Dickson
Jim & Fran Dorsey
Dow Corning
Audrey Doughty Dudley
Robert & Verne Edwards
Agnes Blandford Evans
Jodi Fisler & B.J. Pryor
Heidi Flatin
John A. Fogarty
Thomas & Sonja Goodale
Susan V. Gray
Nancy V. Greene
Margaret B. Gunn & Kenneth Levine in honor of Ms. Nancy Randolph Gunn
Sally Holzbach
Barry & Patricia Hood
Ann & John Hoshko
Karol & Phil Hull
Ludwell & Pamela Johnson
Holly Jonak
Dale & Jane Jones
Bev & Jim Kelly
Kenneth A. Krantz
Ron & Barb Landa
David & Susan Maltby
Larry & Diana Martin
JoAnna Matthews-Kocur
Eileen Talento Miller
Albert & Bonnie Mittelmaier
David Moody
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Musgrave
Lt. Col & Mrs. Vincent W. Norako, Jr.
John & Susan Novack
Beverly Ragborg
Dr. Katherine Roberts & Mr. Stephen Fitton
Louis & Emily Rossiter
Robert & Constance Rowan
Richard & Caroline Sanborn
Carol Sherman
Bruce & Cathy Speas
Dr. Sandra Stephan
Frederick & Barbara Stokey
Albert Teich, III
David & Georgia Ann Tetrault
Mary Thomas
Carson L. Tucker
Geoffrey & Denise Wade
Dan & Debbie Ward
Raol & Anna Wolf

The Chamberlain Players

Kathie Ahern
George T. Anderson
Judge Randolph Beales in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Boyd and Betsie Coyner
Inbrid and Ed Brown
Gerry Baltes Campbell in honor of Mrs. Lucienne Baltes Kelly
Lynn and Sallie Dievendorf
Archie & Jean Fripp
Tony & Virginia Gabriele
John Page Garrett
James M. George
Charles A. Gibbens
John H. Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph and Berna Heyman
Nancy and John Hummel
Mr. and Mr. Ronald Jacobson
JoAnn LIndstrom-Clark
Roy & Jean Madsen
Shirley A. McCallum
Alan & Elizabeth Melton
Edward & Harriet Merkling
Salome Musch
Val and Bob Nelson
Adam & Monica Potkay
Charles Ruby
Joseph Schueneman
Barbara West
Capt. & Mrs. William C. Wheaton
Jackie & Doug Wilton
Mrs. Julian Wilton