For Students, Actors and Technicians


The Festival offers a number of internships, with a 2016 contract period running May 31 to July 26 (technical and administrative) or July 29 (acting).

Interns participate in an intensive training-production program, working six days a week. Internships come with a stipend and various benefits described below.

Advanced undergraduate Theatre students or those just graduating with BA or BFA degrees are encouraged to apply for internships.

2016 internship positions:
  • Acting (6)
  • Technical (9, including 2 ASMs)
  • Administrative (2 - Box office assistant)

Please visit our other job opportunities and, if applicable, auditions pages for more detailed information.

What's the total compensation package for interns?
All Interns receive a $1,200 stipend, free campus dorm housing (shared bedroom) and Workman's Compensation (during work hours), and may qualify for academic credits. Cooking facilities are provided, and campus food service is available for a fee. Transportation and incidental expenses are not provided.

Can students receive academic credit for these internships?
Yes. Students at the College of William and Mary receive transferable academic credits with payment of summer school tuition. Interns from other schools should consult their home institutions to pre-arrange academic credit for an internship.

What about health insurance?
Except for the Workman's Compensation provided during work hours, the Festival does not provide health coverage. Interns are encouraged to obtain a personal health plan that covers health emergencies.

Do I get any time off?
Interns generally work two out of the three shifts per day (morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening), six days a week. Mondays are standard day off.

What about roles and assignments?
Roles for actors are determined at casting in late January (see the auditions schedule). Crew assignments for technical interns are specified by contract, in late March. VSF attends the Southeastern Theatre Conference each year for technical hiring. Acting interns attend the normal company audition calls in January.

Technical duties for acting interns are limited to strike or occasional set movement. Classes are provided in Voice, Movement, and Shakespeare text, run by AD of the company and other professional staff.

How will this internship affect my standing with Actors Equity?
The Virginia Shakespeare Festival is an AEA Guest Artist contract, and so does not offer points toward the Equity Membership Candidate Program.