Virginia Shakespeare Festival

The Official State Festival of Virginia

38th Anniversary Season!

Director Christopher Owens describes this as “for the first two acts, perhaps the best comedy he wrote and for the next three the best tragedy”. Mercutio’s wit and the Nurse’s teasing keep us laughing before the play spirals into the young lovers desperate but doomed attempt to find a way to be together. The best laid plans of a kind Friar turn deadly and “some shall be pardoned, and some punished” at the conclusion of perhaps the greatest love story ever told. 

Parental Guidance: PG13, sexual language


From our recent two excursions into the Roman world (Julius Caesar and Antony & Cleopatra) we travel back even further to Britain and its attempt to break free from Roman domination. Our heroine this time is Imogen, daughter of the King by his first marriage, but now struggling in a court dominated by his crafty second wife and plans for her son to inherit the throne. Duplicity abounds and Imogen will need to tread a careful path to be with the man she loves. Cymbeline stands firmly with the other Romances like The Tempest as Shakespeare’s final gifts to the world.

Parental Guidance: PG13, violence


A new piece that tells the story of Hamlet from the perspective of the gravedigger.  Produced in co-operation with the renowned Folger Theatre in DC, this audience-interactive piece is a delight in our intimate Studio Theatre setting.  You'll come out knowing more about all things Hamlet - Yorick to Elsinore - and have many laughs along the way.

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