Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade indicates that an individual student has not completed essential course work because of illness or other extenuating circumstances. This includes absence from the final examination and postponement of required work with approval of the instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor to complete the work by a specified date (first full week of the upcoming semester for deferred examinations). “I” automatically becomes “F” if the work is not completed by the last day of classes of the following regular semester, or if the postponed work has not been completed satisfactorily by the date specified by the professor. Incomplete grades granted because of a deferred exam should be changed early in the following semester. The instructor may grant a one-semester extension under exceptional circumstances; after this extension, the "I" reverts to an "F" if sufficient work is not completed to warrant assignment of another letter grade by the instructor. A degree will not be conferred if an Incomplete ("I") grade is on the student's record.

Source: The Undergraduate Course Catalog Academic Regulations and the Faculty Manual.