Depth meets breadth.

The Joint Degree Programme is specially designed to combine the breadth of a William & Mary liberal arts education with the specialization offered at St Andrews. It's a blend of the very best of two universities with a centuries-old commitment to excellence - St Andrews, founded in 1413, and William & Mary, founded in 1693.  The Programme offers joint degrees in four fields of study - Economics, English, History and International Relations.

Students who apply to the Joint Degree Programme through William & Mary will spend their first year at W&M, and their second at St Andrews. Students who apply to the Joint Degree Programme through St Andrews spend their first year there, and their second here in Williamsburg. The decision on how to split the third and fourth years will be made between students and their advisors.

Students will have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in this degree option; however, given the demands of the programme and the depth requirements, students in the programme will not be able to pursue a double major or minor. It is imperative that students work with faculty and program advisors to map out a successful course of study.

Once a student is enrolled in the programme, the student must meet programme-specific continuance requirements. A student who does not successfully meet these requirements may be required to withdraw from the Joint Degree Programme.

If a student decides not to continue in the Joint Degree Programme, and is in good academic standing, he or she will be allowed to make an internal transfer to the first year institution. If the student wants to transfer to the host institution (the one where he or she spends year two), the student will be treated as a regular transfer applicant who must complete a transfer application.

Important:  Please read carefully the Program Guide and Catalog Supplement.