William & Mary

Your Second Year at St Andrews

As a William and Mary home student, you will spend your second year at St Andrews. The links to the left take you to important information about preparing for Year 2 and your trip to Scotland.

In Year 2 at St Andrews, you will typically take three “modules” (courses) per semester. Some of these are required for your major program and build on courses you have taken in your first year; the others may be used to fulfill knowledge objectives (for breadth). The required courses for the specific programs are as follows:

ECONOMICS: EC 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

ENGLISH: EN 2003 and 2004.

HISTORY: Two modules fulfilling distribution requirements for the History major; typically, those courses will be taken at the 2000 level at St. Andrews (e.g., MO 2008, ME 2003, HI 2001, MH 2002). In addition, two modules at the 2000 level continuing the language begun in Year 1.


Each School at St Andrews publishes its own Handbook and course descriptions with lists of required, recommended, and in some cases summer reading. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these websites/documents:  Economics, English, History, International Relations.

Breadth requirements and electives: Your other modules will be electives, though you should make sure that you’ve satisfied most of your breadth courses by the end of your second year. Breadth requirements are listed in the Programme Guide and Catalog Supplement.

REGISTRATION:  Preadvising (registration) at St Andrews typically begins in late April and lasts for 2 weeks.  During that period, you will log on to iSaint  (much as you log on to Banner here) to make your course requests.  Please note that preadvising establishes only the courses you wish to take and allows you to see potential scheduling conflicts.  You are of course guaranteed seats in courses required for your major, but you do not officially register until you arrive in St Andrews in September.

Most of your courses will be at the 2000 level at St Andrews, though you may be able to “drop down” and take 1000 level courses if you have not yet satisfied the prerequisite for a 2000-level course. Please note: you will NOT be allowed to take courses at the 3000- or 4000-level. Entry to these courses depends on your meeting the requirements for advancement to “Honours” at St Andrews (which you cannot do by your second year), and these courses have prerequisites at the 2000-level.

 If you have questions about whether you have satisfied the entry requirements for a 2000-level elective course, please contact Dr. Lisa Jones with your specific questions, or review the 2014-2015 St Andrews course catalog.