William & Mary Home Students

If you are admitted to the Joint Degree Programme through William and Mary, you are a W&M home student, and you will spend your first year in Williamsburg and your second in St Andrews.  W&M home students go through orientation and live in the freshman dorms with other W&M students, and may participate in almost all W&M cocurricular activities (with the exception of ROTC and certain varsity sports).

There are some critical differences between the regular W&M curriculum and the Joint Degree curriculum.  You will attend dedicated sessions at orientation and throughout the year, and your advisors will discuss specific programme requirements with you, but please review carefully the individual program description for your major, and read carefully and bookmark this important Programme Guide and Catalog Supplement  that explains the Joint Degree requirements in detail. 

Baxter Gaston (5th from left) performing with Improvisational TheaterHowever, despite differences in curricula,  Joint Degree  students participate fully in life at William and Mary.

Over the past five years, Joint Degree students have rowed with the crew team, run track, played volleyball, written for campus publications, joined sororities and fraternities, argued with the debate team, sung in the choir, performed with Improvisational Theater and with the Symphony, worked with our service organizations, served as officers in clubs and hall councils, worked with AidData and PIPS, helped with the Global Film Festival--in other words, during the two years you spend at William and Mary in the Joint Programme, you will enjoy the many opportunities the College has to offer.