Important Information for JDP Students

Welcome, WaMStAs!

The institution at which you matriculate and complete your first year is your home institution; the institution at which you complete your second year is your host institution (so, in the chart below, if you spend year one at William and Mary, you are a home student of W&M and a host student of St Andrews). You must spend your second year at the host institution. 

Tuition for academic year 2017-2018 will be $39,950. You will pay programme tuition/fees to your home institution (where you applied and began your study) for all four years; W&M home students will receive a bill every semester.  You will pay housing/accommodation fees (including deposits) and special fees (e.g., for music lessons or exam re-sits) to the institution at which you are studying that year. Because of the nature of the joint degree, there is no tuition differential based on place of study (e.g., there is no "in state tuition" in the JDP, even when you are studying at W&M). Except in the case of financial aid, all students pay the same amount, regardless of which is their home institution.

W&M home students wishing to transfer to be a regular W&M student will pay tuition to the JDP until the semester after which they have successfully petitioned to transfer. 

 Whether you are a home or a host student, you can set up your Banner account so that any W&M billing notices are sent directly to your parent, guardian, or other responsible party.

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