Important Information for Current Students

Welcome, WaMStAs!

The institution at which you matriculate and complete your first year is your home institution; the institution at which you complete your second year is your host institution (so, in the chart below, if you spend year one at William and Mary, you are a home student of W&M and a host student of St Andrews) .

Tuition for academic year 2016-2017 will be $39,650. You will pay programme tuition/fees to your home institution for all four years; W&M home students will receive a bill every semester.  You will pay housing/accommodation fees (including deposits) and special fees (e.g., for music lessons or exam re-sits) to the institution in which you are studying that year.

 Whether you are a home or a host student, you can set up your Banner account so that any W&M billing notices are sent directly to your parent, guardian, or other responsible party.

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