Application and Admission

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Each university has a separate but parallel admission process, with each school honoring the admission decisions of the other.

Application through William & Mary

Students apply to the Joint Degree Programme using the Common Application.  Students seeking admission to the Joint Degree Programme may apply both to W&M (early decision and regular decision) and to the St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme, or to the St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme alone.  Students may not apply to the Joint Degree Programme through both William & Mary and St. Andrews.

Applicants to the Joint Degree Programme  must commit to one academic content area: Economics, English, History, or International Relations (and, effective for the class entering in Fall 2017, Classical Studies and Film Studies).

Although students may apply early decision to William & Mary, there is no early admission application to the Joint Degree Programme. Early decision applicants who would also like to be considered for admission to the Joint Degree Programme  may submit the Supplement, but the decision for the Joint Degree Programme will not be made until April.  Any applicant who accepts an early decision offer will be committed to William & Mary, but may still enroll later in the Joint Degree Programme if admitted.   

Any student who is accepted to both W&M (early decision or otherwise) and to the Joint Degree Programme will have to choose in which track  he or she will enroll by the time of deposit.

Application through St Andrews

Students who wish to begin the Programme at St Andrews should visit their Joint Degree Admissions site.


William & Mary attracts a diverse group of applicants. High academic ability is necessary for admission, but the Admission Committee weighs numerous other factors as well. Involvement outside the classroom, including participation in sports, extra‐curricular activities or community organizations, is important. Additionally, evidence of more subjective qualities such as leadership, initiative, creativity and a sense of humor can be significant. Students applying to the joint degree program must submit a Supplemental essay; the Supplement should demonstrate commitment to the field of study, awareness of the strenghts of both universities, and a basic understanding of the Joint Programme.

Acceptance to William & Mary does not guarantee acceptance to the Joint Programme--applicants compete within the respective pools, and may be placed on a waitlist for W&M, the Joint Programme, or both.

The target enrollment for each of the academic content areas within the Joint Programme will be five students per year.

The St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme is a four year commitment, with two years spent at each institution. Only in exceptional circumstances will a student be accepted into the Joint Degree Programme after he or she has matriculated into the regular track at W&M.

In addition to the limited financial aid, there are signficant differences between the standard W&M program and the Joint Degree Programme; the main ones are detailed under important considerations

Once you have accepted your offer of Admission, please consult the information under Current Students.