Important Considerations

So what do I need to know?

In order to qualify for a degree at each institution, students must complete all 120 (W&M)/480 (StA) credit hours at the two institutions.  Consequently, no credit can be transferred--from AP or IB tests, from other colleges or universtities, or from study away/study abroad programs.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate

The Joint Degree Programme differs from the standard W&M program in that no AP and IB exam scores may count for credit toward the degree.  These may, however, be used to satisfy breadth requirements or prerequsites for other courses.   For example, a "5" on the AP exam in European History would satisfy the knowledge objective in Western History and/or allow the student to skip History 111 and enroll in a higher level course. For a list of AP or IB equivalencies, please download and review the AP/IB/A-level score grid (pdf) from "Requirements for Degrees" in the W&M Catalog.

Transfer and Study Away/Study Abroad

Similarly, no credit will be transferred from other institutions, including study abroad or study away courses.  However, such courses may be used to satisfy breadth requirements or prequisites, and students may take summer study abroad courses offered by William and Mary.

Minors and Double Majors

Because of the intensive degree reqirements in the majors in the Joint Degree, there is not enough room in the students' schedule to allow double majors.  However, Joint Programme students may earn one W&M minor provided they declare the minor through appropriate procedures and successfully complete the requirements as defined by the W&M Catalog and by the department or program.

For more complete information, please review the Programme Guide and Catalog Supplement.