Special Programs

Through our co-enrollment programs with various Virginia colleges, students can transfer to William & Mary at the start of the junior year, complete their studies, and graduate with a four-year bachelor’s degree. Participating students at Virginia Community Colleges and Richard Bland College must sign a letter of intent, complete specific courses, fulfill all necessary conditions for a transfer associate degree, and earn a certain GPA. Once those requirements are fulfilled, admission to William & Mary is guaranteed.

For students interested in studying early America, we offer the Williamsburg Collegiate Program in Early American History, Material Culture, and Museum Studies, a joint program by our National Institute of American History and Democracy (NIAHD) and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Open to undergraduates in any major, as well as graduate and professional students, the one-year program takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining (a) how scholars from many disciplines study early America and material culture and (b) the diverse ways they disseminate their findings to public and academic audiences. On completion of the program, students are awarded a certificate from NIAHD.

NIAHD also sponsors the fall or spring Semester-in-Residence Program,which provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of early America stressing the use of historic places as a means of understanding the past (for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students); and a Summer Program that teaches early American history through the use of historic places (for undergraduate students and spring high school graduates).

We currently offer a combined degree in Engineering in partnership with other universities. Through this program, students study a prescribed curriculum for three years at William & Mary and then complete two additional years at a partner university. The end result is a bachelor’s degree from William & Mary and a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a partner university.

Qualified students, usually in their junior or senior years, can receive credit for internships that provide a structured learning experience. These credits must be approved in advance by the department and evaluated by a W&M faculty member.