COLL 300: In the World

COLL 300 connects you with people, places, and ideas that lift you out of your familiar surroundings and deepen the way you see yourself in the world. It asks you to use your knowledge, your emerging expertise in framing questions, and your communication skills to engage the world in a self-reflective, cross-cultural way. Your experience might take the form of an international setting, where you study with faculty abroad in a program sponsored or endorsed by the Reves Center. Or maybe a W&M D.C. program that focuses on global or cross-cultural issues. Or a W&M off-campus, credit-bearing initiative that involves encounters with different environments and cultures. You can also experience COLL 300 on campus, through designated courses that address global or cross-cultural issues and are organized around a special series of lectures by W&M faculty, visiting scholars, artists, and public intellectuals. Typically COLL 300 happens in your third year.