William and Mary

Peer Advising Program


The Peer Advisor Progam 2014 Executive Board -
Dan Kent, Caitlin Ward, Leah Foley & Ace Goldstein

About the Peer Advising Program

The Peer Advising Program is a student group that assists admitted freshman and transfer students in their academic transition to William & Mary. All new students are connected with upper-level students who serve as Peer Advisors. The Peer Advisors operate with the Office of Academic Advising to support the advising process for new students and also:

  • Provide leadership and foster a network of peer support.
  • Serve as role models and provide information on curricular and co-curricular opportunities at W&M.
  • Inform new students on policy and procedures as well as campus resources.
  • Teach the registration process to new students in preparation for scheduling classes.
  • Support the Office of Academic Advising staff and faculty advisors.
Interested in becoming a Peer Advisor?

The Peer Advising Program offers applications to all qualified rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled at the College.  The program recruits new Peer Advisors each Spring semester.  Interested in becoming a Peer Advisor?


The qualifications to be a Peer Advisor include meeting a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5, successfully passing a review of the applicants’ judicial and/or honor records provided by the Dean of Students Office, and conducting a successful interview with the Peer Advising Program Interview Committee.

Training and Attendance

In order to serve as a Peer Advisor you must participate in a brief training session held during the Spring semester, sign the Peer Advisor Contract pledging to commit and fulfill all the responsibilities, and attend orientation training and orientation in the fall. Signing the Peer Advisor Contract signifies an acceptance of the position and all the duties and responsibilities it entails. 


Email for more information.