William & Mary

Jasmine Curry '12, Government and Sociology majors

Jasmine Curry '12I have so many interests that I was not able to decide on a major. On many occasions I consulted with my faculty advisor, who helped me narrow my interests and finally decide on a major. Another critical decision that Academic Advising helped me with was studying abroad. By the time I decided I wanted to study abroad it was late in my junior year, and I had taken on a second major. The Academic Advising staff helped me choose a program I wanted to attend that also allowed me to fulfill GERs and my degree requirements. I was able to have a wonderful experience and also move a few steps closer to graduation.

All of the decisions worked out perfectly. I am happy with my degree programs, and the experiences I gained from studying abroad will stay with me for my lifetime. The advisors' advice kept me on track to meet my goal of completing my undergraduate degree in four years. Also, having a faculty advisor to contact along the way made my life that much more simple—I appreciated that a lot.