Most students declare a major in the second semester of sophomore year. In your "pre-major" years, your job is to explore what William & Mary has to offer: discover new academic interests by taking unfamiliar courses; investigate study abroad, research, or internship options; explore academic disciplines that seem like potential majors for you; and work through some of the curriculum requirements.

Along the way you'll be talking with your faculty pre-major advisor, who will provide information so you can make informed decisions and guide you toward campus resources. Your first meeting with your pre-major advisor takes place during orientation. Together you will discuss how to translate your interests and goals into a course schedule. You are required to meet with your pre-major advisor at least two other times during your first year at W&M - although we recommend you touch base with your advisor more frequently than that, and continue meeting regularly through your second year.

Don't neglect all of the resources available to help in planning and time management. If you need advice on a non-academic matter, a network of advisors can help. If you ever need help but don't know where to turn, go to your faculty advisor.

You will continue to work with your pre-major advisor until it is time to declare your major.

Good to Know