William and Mary

The Process

Declaring Your Major
  1. Choose your major.
  2. Use the planning guide and academic planner [pdf] to plan out which courses you'll take to fulfill your major and remaining curriculum requirements.
  3. Using those courses, run a “What-If” Degree Evaluation.
  4. Partially complete the Declaration of Major form [pdf] in pencil.
  5. Select your major advisor.
  6. Meet with your major advisor to review your academic plan and sign your Declaration of Major form.
  7. Submit the completed and signed Declaration of Major form to the Registrar’s Office
  8. Note that some programs have additonal requirements or require additional approvals:
    • Business - You must apply to the Mason School of Business.
    • Education - You must apply to the School of Education.
    • Interdisciplinary Programs - have additional forms to complete for declaring interdisciplinary majors and minors. 
    • Self-designed majors must have their plan approved by the Committee on Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies.
    • Work with your major advisor to ensure that you are meeting all declaration requirements of your department.
Want to Change Your Major?

Follow the same steps listed above.

The Office of Academic Advising offers transitional advising assistance to sophomore and junior students who are considering changing majors. Possible topics of discussion pertinent to you may include:

  • You did not get accepted to a restricted major in the School of Business.
  • Your interests have changed and you are no longer interested in the major in which you are currently enrolled.
  • Your major and/or occupational choice is unclear and you need help in clarifying and deciding on options.
  • You are not meeting academic requirements for your current major.