Declaring a Major

By the time you're ready to declare a major, you will have spent a lot of time exploring the breadth of the Arts & Sciences curriculum. You will have fulfilled many of the curriculum requirements. Perhaps you have become involved in research, have studied abroad, or participated in extra-curricular activities that have sparked interests you want to study further, or even plan a career around. It's time to take those experiences and use them to focus and dive a little deeper into a subject. It's time to delcare your major.

When to Declare Your Major
  • You have at least 39 academic credits, including transfer credits. If you have 54 credits you must declare a major.
  • If you transfered in with 54 or more credits, you can wait until  the end of your first semester at the College.
How to Declare Your Major: The Basic Steps
  1. Choose a major. 
  2. Select your major advisor.
  3. Submit the form [pdf] to the Registrar's Office.
  4. Details.
Good to Know
  • Follow the same basic steps to change your major.
  • You may declare one major, or two majors, or one major and one minor.
  • If you decide to declare two majors, follow the same basic steps for both majors. Note that one major must be designated as "primary." 
  • If you need to change your major advisor, submit the Change of Major Advisor form [pdf] to the Registrar's Office.