William and Mary

Your Major Advisor

You will work with your major advisor to declare your major and meet with him or her regularly until you're ready to graduate. Your major advisor can provide information to help you plan the courses that will fulfill all curricular and major requirements while meeting your interests and goals, and can guide you toward research and other opportunities that complement your studies. If you are planning to double major, then you will need a faculty advisor for each major.

Finding Your Major Advisor

Most departments and programs allow students to select any faculty member within the department or program to be an advisor. When thinking about who to ask to be your advisor, consider

  • Faculty members who taught courses you enjoyed.
  • Faculty who are involved in research you find interesting.
  • Faculty who teach courses you want to take.

After deciding which faculty member you would like to have as a major advisor, approach that person and ask him or her to be your advisor. Some of our faculty may have a scheduled leave or other obligation that would reduce their ability to serve as your advisor. If this is the case, you'll have to select another advisor – perhaps your first choice can recommend someone else. You can also get in touch with your department's advising contact and ask for their help.

After a faculty member has agreed to be your advisor, schedule a meeting to continue with the declaration of major process.

If You Lose Access to Your Major Advisor

If  your major advisor leaves the College or is unavailable for some reason,  you need  a new one. Either select a new major advisor on your own, or ask the advising contact for your department or program for help.