About Academic Advising


Academic advising at The College of William & Mary provides a foundation and framework to empower students to strategically take advantage of the curricular and co-curricular opportunities of a liberal arts education.


Dedicated faculty serve as academic advisors and engage with students in a collaborative process leading to the exchange of information that encourages the student to make informed academic decisions. Through individual, collaborative relationships with academic advisors, students are best able to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their values, skills, and personal and professional goals.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty advising is the hallmark of the student and faculty experience at The College of William and Mary.  Collegial discussions integral to faculty-student advising relationships promote student awareness and engagement in curricular and co-curricular experiences.  Frequent and sustained contact with faculty advisors provides students with a unique opportunity to discover a variety of options and campus resources to support the achievement of goals that are personally and professionally satisfying.  

The Office of Academic Advising Staff

Professional advisors in The Office of Academic Advising work to cultivate the mentoring relationships between W&M faculty and pre-major undergraduates that are essential for helping students develop academic and life-long learning skills. The professional advisor provides expertise and knowledge in working with faculty, administrators, and undergraduate students to foster self-directed learning and achievement. Department chairs, Deans, directors of undergraduate studies and faculty also contribute to this process and serve an integral role in shaping undergraduates’ experiences so they discover educational opportunities that are personally and professionally satisfying.

Pre-Professional Advising

Experienced faculty are available to advise students who are interested in pre-health and pre-law and anticipate attending a professional program after graduation.