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Come see the exciting shows in our 2014-15 theatre season!

Big Love (Charles Mee) - October 2-5
50 Brides for 50 Brothers? Not if the women can help it.  A gaggle of Grecian brides arrive on the coast of Italy seeking refuge from their would-be grooms. What follows is a dangerous and darkly comedic showdown, where mayhem is the rule. This wildly physical mash-up will give you a powerful ride into the modern human psyche.

Three Penny Opera (Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill) - November 20-23
John Gay’s 18th century musical satire, The Beggar’s Opera, was the first “hit” in the history of the theatre.   Brecht’s adaptation, set to the jazz sounds of Kurt Weill, was a sendup of 20th century commerce, and in 1961 became the longest running Off-Broadway musical with 2611 performances (assisted by its top 40 hit tune “Mack The Knife”).  Keeping Weill’s music we have reset the play for a satirical look at the 21st century business world.

Crowns (Regina Taylor) - February 26-March 1
An untimely death sends a troubled teen to her grandmother down south and head-first into a rite of passage into African American history and traditional African culture. Guided by a community of spirit working “hat queens”, her journey provides her with a greater understanding of herself. Based on the indelible portraits created by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry of black women and their church hats, this critically acclaimed medley of music, dance and storytelling simultaneously celebrates identity while demonstrating the importance of family, faith and of course – fashion!

Spring Awakening (Frank Wedekind, tr. Edward Bond) - April 23-26
Subtitled A Children’s Tragedy, the first production of this play in 1906 was so incendiary that riots broke out at performances, and the work was subjected to repeated censorship. Later generations have found it a powerful creation, shaped out of the inner experiences of its teenage protagonists. Recently turned into a hit Broadway musical, come see where the original journey began, set against the backdrop of a repressive, draconian and provincial nineteenth-century Germany.