William and Mary

Participation Policy

Participation in William & Mary Theatre and Dance productions is open to all students, faculty, and staff at the College of William and Mary without regard to age, sex, race, or ethnic background. Our intention is to find the person best able to handle each responsibility given the artistic and educational objectives of our program.  Guest artists may sometimes be invited to take part when their presence furthers these objectives. Our first priority is to provide opportunities for learning about Theatre and Dance to undergraduate students enrolled at the College.

All productions are cast from auditions which are open to freshmen through seniors, majors and non-majors.  Graduate and unclassified students, faculty, and staff may also be considered.  With rare exceptions (i.e., professional guest artists) no role is pre-cast.  We seek casting that is integral to the action of a play or the artistic vision of its creator or director.  We embrace the creative and artistic possibilities of diverse and multicultural casting.