William and Mary

Minoring in Dance

The goal of the Dance minor is to encourage original student choreography.  The sequence of composition courses provides tools and the history course provides a context to help students develop and realize their artistic vision.  The Dance minor culminates in an independent project which is formally presented in a spring concert.  Dance minors work closely with faculty advisors through regularly scheduled showings as they develop their choreographic works. In addition, minors complete 4 credits of upper level modern technique.

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in at least one Theatre course as part of completing the Dance minor.  Courses addressing production and performance are most strongly recommended including THEA 201 (Beginning Acting), THEA 213 (Intro to Lighting), THEA 307 (Costume Patterning and Construction), and THEA 312 (Sound Design).  This list is not exhaustive and other options may be discussed with any dance faculty member.

The broad range of majors pursued by Dance minors at William and Mary reflects the strength of our liberal arts tradition.  Examples of majors paired with the Dance minor include:  Africana Studies, Anthropology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, French, Government, History, International Studies, Kinesiology, Latin American Studies, Music, Psychology, Public Policy, and Theatre.

A student wishing to minor in dance must complete a minimum of 22 credit hours of dance courses, including the following:


Danc 220 - History of Modern Dance


Danc 305 - Dance Composition I
Danc 306 - Dance Composition II
Danc 401 and 401L - Group Choreography
Danc 406 - Independent Projects in Dance


A minimum of four credits from the following: 
Danc 311, 312, 411 and/or 412


As required to complete the  minimum credits

Please Note: There are certain credit hour limits in Technique/Performance Ensemble. Although students may take as many credits as they wish of dance technique and Performance Ensemble (Dance 111, 112, 115, 211, 212, 261, 262, 264, 311, 312, 321, 322, 411, 412), a maximum of 14 credits may be applied toward the 120 credits required for a degree for those not minoring in Dance. (A maximum of 16 credits is allowed for Dance Minors.) This limit does not include other Dance Program courses such as dance history, freshman seminars, composition, practicum, independent projects, Alexander Technique, etc.

How to Declare Your Dance Minor
You may declare your minor at anytime.  When you are ready to declare your minor, fill out the Declaration Form below and deliver it to the Department Chair for a signature.  After the form has been signed, take it to the Registrar's Office and the minor will be added to your record.