Stay Connected

Alumni-Student Networking Trips
Faculty have organized networking trips to allow current students to meet with alumni who are theatre professionals.  In March 2011 and 2013, students met alumni in New York City.  In March 2012, students traveled to Washington, D.C. to network with theatre alumni.  The department intends to continue these events to help our students plan for careers in theatre.

Return to Campus
Theatre and Dance alumni have returned to campus to teach master classes or present their work.  These include Vivian Appler (maskmaking and performance), David Crank (design), Tim Cunningham (physical theatre), Drew Emery (film), Linda Lavin (acting and musical theatre), Jessica Lustig (costuming), Elizabeth Polkovitz (costuming), and Enrique Urueta (playwriting). Dance alumni have taught master classes during the school year:  Stephanie Oakes, Stacy Sumpman, John Taylor, and Rodney Williams.  In addition we have hosted summer dance intensives which have bought alumni back to campus including Porter Anderson, Lynne Balliette, Elizabeth Borromeo, Desiree DiMauro, Karla Finger-Coghill, Linda Foster, Jane Kotapish, Catherine Mapp, Lisa Jo Sagolla, Olenna Truskett, Kathy Westwater, and Carrie Wilcox.  Kate Ashton, Jon Collins, and Nick Kolin returned to campus to complete scenic and lighting designs for W&M Theatre.  Bill Schermerhorn, Creative Director of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, designed a management internship for our students.

Arts & Entertainment Alumni Council
In Spring 2012, alumni created the Arts & Entertainment Alumni Council.  In Fall 2012, they hosted the first A&E conference at William & Mary.  The second conference is scheduled for September 2013.