Careers in Social Change and Policy Solutions

W&M Sociology can prepare you


Are you interested in a career pursuing social change and finding policy solutions to pressing social problems?

W&M Sociology alumni work in these positions, as well as a range of other organizations important to social change and public policy:

  • Director of Corporate Relations of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Community Planning and Development Specialist of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Program Coordinator of the Congressional Hunger Center
  • Doing research and advocacy for victims of sexual and domestic violence at the Virginia Department of Health
Talk with Sociology Faculty

Faculty with expertise in this area can advise you on your career path.

Courses to Prepare You
  • SOCL 204, Social Problems
  • SOCL 302, Criminology
  • SOCL 306, Urban Sociology
  • SOCL 307, Sociology of Education
  • SOCL 309, Media and Society
  • SOCL 310, Wealth, Power, and Inequality
  • SOCL 332, Families and Kinship
  • SOCL 360, Sociology of Sport
  • SOCL 361, Social Movements and Social Change
  • SOCL 362, Medical Sociology
  • SOCL 363, Sociology of Religion
  • SOCL 364, Sociology of Work
  • SOCL 429, Deviance and Social Control
  • SOCL 433, Crime and Justice in America