Advising for Sociology Majors


All of the full-time faculty in the Sociology Department may serve as major advisors. Typically, students choose an advisor they know well or who shares their interests. Many faculty have information on teaching and research interests posted on their web pages, accessible from the department’s faculty directory. To meet with a faculty member, just schedule an appointment with your intended advisor or stop by during his or her office hours.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

Complete a major declaration form (PDF) to the best of your ability before you come to your advising appointment. Make sure that you have selected courses that fulfill not only the major requirements but also your GER requirements for graduation, all totaling at least 120 credit hours.

In your appointment you will discuss your course plan, make necessary corrections, and your advisor will sign the form. If you have selected an advisor that shares your interests, he or she will be able to suggest coursework to you that you might enjoy. It is important to cultivate a relationship with your advisor, because he or she will become an excellent source of information and a possible reference should you decide to go to graduate school or into an sociology related field.