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Tracy  Sohoni

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Morton Hall 233
Email: [[twsohoni]]
Phone: 757-221-1610

Areas of Specialization

Criminology, Race and Crime, Courts and Corrections, Criminological Theories, Research Methods


B.A. Sociology and History. University of Texas at Austin
M.A. Sociology. University of Washington at Seattle
Ph.D. Criminology and Criminal Justice. University of Maryland at College Park


Professor Sohoni’s research focuses on issues related to equity and fairness in the justice system along with the impact of public policy on offending patterns. Most recently she has conducted research examining the effect of laws restricting the rights of offenders in areas such as employment, public housing, TANF and SNAP, on rates of returns to prison and the disparate impact of these polices on racial/ethnic minorities and women.  In addition, Professor Sohoni is engaged in research examining the role of race in white collar crime and is developing a new theoretical model based on this research.  Professor Sohoni has previously examined the discourse surrounding arguments of “immigrant criminality” to understand how such arguments are supported in the face of contradictory empirical evidence.  Professor Sohoni is broadly interested in theory testing and research methodolog.
Professor Sohoni previously worked as a Research Analyst at the National Center for State Courts, where she was involved in a wide range of research related to courts, including projects examining equal access to justice, problem-solving courts, program evaluations, public policy analyses and workload assessments. She currently serves as a consultant for Measures for Justice, a non-profit dedicated to studying the delivery of criminal justice services at the local level.

Courses Taught
SOCL 204 Social Problems
SOCL 302 Criminology
SOCL 434 Race and Crime
SOC 440 Crime and Justice