William and Mary

Sarah Lilly

Year Involved : Summer 2010, Summer 2011
Major : Mathematics
Worked With : Chesterfield County Summer School Program, L.C. Bird High School


Last summer my internship involved working in a classroom at Manchester High School with an Algebra II teacher in a coteaching partnership. My role consisted of lesson planning, giving lectures, assessment and grading, and just generally assisting in the instruction of the course on both an individual and small group level under the supervision of the course teacher. We split the lecture topics so that we each taught every day, I learned how to incorporate lessons into around the room activities to aid different learning styles, and I was able to help create lessons plans after school to experience the non-classroom aspect of teaching. My goal was to help the students beyond just understanding a simple concept; by understanding the logical processes by which to work through a problem, students can feel empowered by their ability to creatively and structurally overcome to find a solution. I was able to receive instruction and view critical methods from a professional educator on a daily basis to learn how to teach a subject to students who may struggle more than average. The internship allowed me to convince students of the importance and fundamental necessity of math while also improving my own instruction style and techniques for future use in my own classroom.

Sarah Lilly at Manchester High School