William and Mary

Han Eol (Anny) Lee

Year Involved: Summer 2010
Major: Public Policy
Worked With: MathScience Innovation Center


My internship was an education internship at the Math Science Innovation Center (MSIC). The overall mission of the institution is to come up with creative and innovative lessons for the K-12 teachers, so that they could utilize the lessons to help the children to be more excited about STEM.

For the first two weeks, I was cutting, laminating, putting kits together, hole punching...etc. They just seemed endless; however, all of these works were to help the Center prepare for the conference held for the K-12 teachers. When the conference was in session we got to participate in many sessions where I learned to work with KEVA Planks, STELLA, roller coasters, and many more. It was a unique experience because the teachers were interacting with me as if I was a teacher, too!

These conferences were followed by the Regional Governor School where I was placed to assist teachers in "From the Ground Up", which was an architecture class where the middle school students each built model buildings and brought these buildings together to create a community. Then I helped out in three different summer classes for elementary students called "Slippery, Slimy, and Odd Pets," "LEGO: Robotic Vehicles", and "Crime Scene: Chemistry."

Through this internship MathScience Innovation Center has definitely provided me with different insights that helped to prepare me for my future career.

Anny Lee at MathScience Innovation Center