William and Mary

Martha Fisher

Year Involved : Summer 2010
Major : Biology
Worked With : The Science Museum of Virginia


I was primarily involved in running the newly opened EcoLab. In the EcoLab activity, students learn about how ecologists can use invertebrates in streams to find out about water quality. Participants get their own samples of preserved macroinvertebrates to sort through and then use pictures to identify each under the stereoscopes. They use this information to figure out their water quality and then learn about why we find poor water quality and which human activities impact water quality. I was also able to go sampling in Northern Virginia to collect the macroinvertebrates we use in the lab.

In addition to working in the EcoLab, I also helped in the development of an exhibit centered around the new stormwater management technologies that the SMV and the city of Richmond are putting into place.

Martha Fisher at the Science Museum of Virginia