William and Mary

Biology Dept./William and Mary

Paul Heideman

Email :
Phone Number : 757-221-2239
Number Internships available : 2
Summary : This internship involves the development and evaluation of novel instructional materials for high school students and teachers. The instructional materials are anchored in neuroscience and cognitive science. See the detailed description for more information.
Interview Required : Yes
Special Requirements : no special requirements are necessary
Minimum Time Commitment : 4 Weeks
Lodging Provided : yes


This internship is intended for students who wish to (1) develop skill and expertise in pedagogical materials on teaching and learning and in the research on memory and learning, and (2) plan research and assessment on improvements in STEM teaching.   

Interns will assist with (1) the development and assessment of a text and instructor guide on student learning, intended for high-school seniors or college freshmen, and (2) planning research on effectiveness of the materials.  The completed product will be a free on-line text (for students) and class activity guide (for instructors) along with quizzes and grading rubrics.