William and Mary

NASA Langley Research Center

Margaret Pippin

Phone Number: 757-864-9366
Number Internships available: 2
Summary: Interns will work with Project LEARN, Long-Term Engagement in Authentic Research with NASA. They will work both with NASA scientists and classroom teachers on a variety of research projects in atmospheric science. See details for more information.
Interview Required: Yes
Special Requirements: no special requirements are necessary
Minimum Time Commitment: 8 Weeks
Lodging Provided: No


LEARN: Long-term Engagement in Authentic Research with NASA


The LEARN project provides the opportunity for up to 2 students, either science education majors or science majors with an interest in STEM education, to participate in atmospheric science research associated with NASA missions and projects, with consideration of how to incorporate it into a K-12 classroom.  Each participant will complete training for GLOBE certification and then select a NASA mission/project: CAPABLE, CALIPSO, DISCOVER-AQ, etc., and develop a topic of study. For example, the ground-based CAPABLE site measures air pollutants, so a potential topic could examine ozone pollution as a function of wind direction. This would involve hands-on work with an anemometer, various ozone instruments, and launching ozone sondes, as well as data analysis. Another option would be to develop a protocol using ImageJ to analytically assess the amount of stippling on leaves due to ozone-induced foliar injury. There is also an opportunity to develop apps for real-time data access during a NASA airborne campaign. During the project each participant will be paired with a NASA scientist mentor in addition to in-service teachers. The educational component of the LEARN project will be guided by the Backwards-Faded Scaffolding method. For interested participants this research opportunity can extend into the Fall semester with the potential for presenting at an international science or education conference. For more information about GLOBE and the NASA missions, see;;; and  Interested participants should contact Dr Margaret Pippin at in addition to submitting an application.