William and Mary

NASA Langley Research Center Aeronautics Academy

Dr. Elizabeth B. Ward

Email :
Phone Number : 757-864-7638
Number Internships available : 2
Summary : Interns will assist in a variety of capacities with the NASA Aeronautics Academy and Aeronautics Scholars Program. Please read details for more information. Interns may also work with experienced K-12 teacher on potential activities for high school students.
Interview Required : yes
Special Requirements : no special requirements are necessary.
Minimum Time Commitment : 8 Weeks
Lodging Provided : No


Compile personal interviews (video and written) with ten to twelve college engineering students who will participate in the NASA Aeronautics Academy at Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.  Help with scheduling subject matter experts to address the academy, help with recording each of the speakers. If interns are here in late May, help prepare welcome packages for each student.  During the internship, prepare thank you notes for each speaker.  Conduct in depth interviews (written and video) of college students at NASA Langley who are part of the elite Aeronautics Scholars Program.  Accompany these students to their labs or place of research to learn about their work, then prepare a short report on each student's research. Capture still photographs of both the Academy and Scholars students (approx. 14 to 16 students total).   Center-owned video camera and still camera  will be provided  for recording and photography purposes.  If the interns are here in August, participate in the annual Youth Day at Langley (K-12 event)--this is normally the first or second week of August.   This is a half day event that brings in local children to experience some of our research activities and facilities. We also put together hands on activities for kids to do while they visit the main auditorium at the center.


Ideally, one of the interns could start 8 weeks from late May and a second intern could begin later to complete their 8 weeks through early August.  Overlapping internship schedules would be ideal so that at least 11 or 12 weeks total would have an intern.

Interns may also work with experienced K-12 teacher on potential activities for high school students.


Interested interns can call me at 864-7638 or email to if they have any questions.