Noyce Scholar Program Faculty and Staff

Program Organization

Robert Noyce Scholar Program Principal Investigators and Management Team

  • Paul Heideman - Professor of Biology, College of William & Mary
  • Heather Macdonald - Department of Geology, College of William & Mary
  • Marguerite Mason - Department of Mathematics, College of William & Mary
  • Meredith Kier -  Science Education Professor, School of Education, College of William & Mary
  • Drew Stelljes - Assitant Vice President of Student Engagement & Leadership, College of William & Mary
  • Amy Chen - Noyce Recruiter and Mentor, College of William & Mary

Noyce Steering Committee Members

Program Activity Teams

Student Support

  • Recruitment, Admissions and Scholarship Commitment: Dorothy Osborne - Director, Admission & Financial Aid, School of Education, College of William and Mary
  • Selection and Advising:  Program Management Team, and Dorothy Osborne

Curricular Program

  • Discipline Content Majors: Steering Committee and Principal Investigators
  • Pedagogy: Marguerite Mason and Meredith Kier
  • Summer Internships: Project Management Team
  • Clinical Experiences: School of Education Faculty and Administration
  • Enhancements:
    •  "How Students Learn" instructor - Paul Heideman
    •  "Theory & Practice: Practicum in Science and Math Teaching in High Need Schools" instructor - Amy Chen


  • Candidate Assessment and Program Evaluation


  • Verification:  Dorothy Osborne