William & Mary

Melissa MacIntyre

Masters of Education (M.A. Ed.), class of 2010

Current Position: Earth Science teacher at Menchville High School, Newport News Public Schools
Major: Earth Science
Certification Area: Earth Science

Personal statement about teaching

Having known for most of my life that I wanted to be a teacher and having a love for science, the Noyce program was a great fit for me (and a great way to get a Masters affordably!).  I didn't feel particularly drawn to high-needs education, but I've found that I do enjoy it, even though it can be extremely challenging at times.  Teaching anywhere is a challenge though!  That's why I've also found that it is very important to continue with a personal life once you start teaching.  Otherwise, you'll make yourself crazy and stay at the school 14 hours a day, like I did too many times my first year!  I go horseback riding, teach riding lessons, go to the movies, play volleyball, and go out to dinner with friends.  I am hoping in the next few years to go back to school for a Masters in Administration and, eventually, become an assistant principal.