William & Mary

Amy Jacobson

Graduate Student, W&M School of Education

Current Position: Graduate Student at School of Education
Major: Biology
Certification Area: Biology

Personal statement about teaching

I am currently a senior at the College of William & Mary and will begin my Masters program at its School of Education in the summer.  I have always been attracted to the teaching profession and have fallen in love with biology since coming to W&M.  After working with students at a local juvenile detention center, I decided that reaching out and working with students from underprivileged backgrounds was an important and achievable goal to pursue.  I intend to teach biology in either a middle or secondary high needs school, and hope to inspire and encourage my students to seek excellence in the classroom and in life.  The Noyce program has proven invaluable in my path to achieving these goals, and I look forward to continuing as a Noyce Scholar in the future.