About the Noyce Scholars Program

Scholarships and support for future science teachers

Benefits awarded to Noyce Scholars
The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at William and Mary seeks to encourage talented science and mathematics majors and professionals to become mathematics and science teachers at the middle and high school level. The program encourages teachers through financial and professional support:

  • Financial support to Noyce Scholars includes a scholarship for $10,000 per academic year
  • Summer research fellowships of $450/week for up to eight weeks
  • Professional support provided through targeted curriculum requirements
  • Enhanced opportunities for research, clinical experiences and internships
  • Mentoring throughout early-career by a nationally certified science teacher

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Commitment to teach
Graduated Noyce Program Scholars address the need for more science and math teachers by committing to teach for at least two years for each year of scholarship funding, in a high need school district.  William and Mary faculty will continue to support Noyce Scholars after graduation by tracking their progress and by evaluating the scholar-teachers’ professional development.  As interns and beginning teachers, Noyce Scholars receive individualized curriculum support through the mentorship of senior science and mathematics teachers.

Noyce Scholars:  A career-long community
The National Science Foundation sponsors the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at institutions of learning across the country, holding workshops and conferences aimed at recruiting and maintaining promising Noyce Scholars as life long partners in this community of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering teachers.